I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead’s First Love
I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead’s First Love
By 酒煮核弹头
117 Chapters
98 Reviews
Only after Chu Yin died did she realize she was the first love (white moonlight) of the male lead in a novel. The stubborn male lead fell in love with her at first sight when he was young, then took over the company when he was older. Chu Yin was tortured by his crazy possessiveness and died a tragic early death. Opening her eyes again, she returned to the day before she transferred schools and met Lu Zhen. “Ding~ Bound to the learning system! Host can change the original script of the novel by learning!” 【You can change a word from the original script after completing homework!】 【If you place first in your grade, you can change one sentence in the original script!】 【If you place first in the college entrance examination, you can create your own ending! Get rich! Be famous! Do whatever you want!】 That night, Chu Yin finished her homework and obtain the reward to change a word in the original script: “On the day of their first encounter, Lu Zhen walked into the school as light rain poured down the sky.” The next day, Lu Zhen walked into the school, and a knife suddenly fell from the sky. Young Lu Zhen: ? Someone wants my life. *** The whole school knew that the daughter of the Chu family from the countryside swept the entire grade and placed first, and also took the throne of the school’s flower. But one day, the whole school went crazy, saying that she somehow provoke the big devil Lu Zhen. … After doing bad things to the male lead, Chu Yin was cornered, feeling a little guilty. The young man in front of her was like a trapped beast, his dark eyes that was restrained for two lifetimes, showed madness: “Want my life?” “——Take it.”

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