After Breaking off the Engagement Mr. Si Chased His Wife to the Crematorium!
After Breaking off the Engagement Mr. Si Chased His Wife to the Crematorium!
By Yan Su
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After spending eighteen years in the Bai family, Ou Yan only realized that she was a fake heiress. The real heiress returned, she was abandoned and was to be sent back to the impoverished mountain valley… Unexpectedly, the so-called impoverished mountain valley turned out to be the most expensive wealthy villa area in the country! Overnight, she transformed from an ordinary wealthy family’s fake heiress to the real heiress of a top-tier wealthy family! Her biological parents spoiled her recklessly, giving her millions in pocket money at a whim, letting her drive the luxury cars in the garage as she pleased, and buying global high fashion brands casually. Want to go to school? Choose any top-tier university you want! Don’t want to study? Come, take over the family company and play with it! What surprised Ou Yan the most was that she even had an ex-fiancé… Her ex-fiancé came to break off the engagement, and Ou Yan didn’t care, but why did he break off the engagement and then cling to her later? Always wanting to hold hands and kiss her. Ou Yan was annoyed, “Who are you, sir?” “Darling, I am your husband.” “Oh, husband? I don’t have one, just a former fiancé who wants to break off the engagement.” The globally feared wealthiest man, Si Yechen, sighed deeply: “…” He really wanted to kill that idiot who publicly broke off the engagement without even meeting her… After the engagement was called off, Young Master Si pursued his wife to the crematorium!

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