Be Indulged
Be Indulged
By Euphonium
28 Chapters
11 Reviews
Amelia, the ‘dirty lady’, who has become the disgrace of her family because of the stigma of killing her fiance. When she was invited as an Empress Candidate, she knew that she wouldn’t become the Empress. She was only forced to go to the capital by her uncle to find a man to entrust her future with. And while the Emperor did want Amelia to be the Empress… …It seemed like he already knew her. A strange, lewd sound echoed through the room. He said looking closely at her face, “And I advise you, don’t do anything useless.” As she gave him a puzzled look, he grinned and pointed down with his eyes. She saw his manhood poking her thigh. “It’s up again.” Contrary to his languid expression, his manhood stood ramrod straight again, as if he wanted to take her at that very moment.

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