Additional Inheritance
Additional Inheritance
By Shui Qian Cheng
51 Chapters
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Yaya died. She committed su*cide. This person, with whom he had no blood relation – whom he’d called ‘elder sister’ for many years, was all too suddenly gone. She left him not just a considerable sum of inheritance, but also a child. That year he was only 19 years old, still a child himself, and yet all of a sudden was in charge of the welfare of a 15 year old youth. This child was not bothersome, he had none of the impatience nor rebelliousness characteristics of a typical adolescent. He had an extremely high IQ, paired with a stability and maturity far exceeding his physical age. Be it daily living or academics, he didn’t have to worry at all with the boy. He was able to manage everything on his own. But the more he got to know the boy, the more he realized how frightening this child’s many intentions were. He wanted to change his mind, could he just take the money and leave the person behind?