Across the Galaxy, Just to See You
Across the Galaxy, Just to See You
By 安随遇, An Suiyu
24 Chapters
3 Reviews
Shen Yi, whose stage name is Wei Long, was an actor who was popular all over the world in the 1970s, but because of a disappearance, he disappeared in history, as if he had never existed in this world. One day, Rong Qian saw a photo of herself and Shen Yi on an old photo from more than 30 years ago …… The unbelievable discovery made her start a journey through time and space again and again, returning to the past to save him! For Rong Qian, every time she travelled to the past, it was only a few days apart, but for Shen Yi, if he wanted to see her, he had to wait for several years. Later, during the long years of waiting for her, the noble, gentle, and elegant young master Shen always held his chin in private and counted the days when he would meet her with his fingers. Then he sighed bitterly: “Alas, what is more difficult than a long-distance relationship is a different space and time relationship, my Ah Qian, I miss you so much…”