1st Kiss Was Intentional
1st Kiss Was Intentional
By Ahn Siha
13 Chapters
6 Reviews
When she came back to life, she became an extra in a novel. Living in the cruel emperor’s palace as a villainess concubine, her throat was cut because she tormented the heroine! What should I do at this moment? Get close to the heroine? No. Get close to the male lead? No, not that either. Survive to have long and fine life? Damn right, I will! Three years have passed since she lived peacefully as an outsider of the Imperial City. As long as the novel ends with a happy ending, she thought she could be free. “Who are you…” “Servant.” …What? “I’ll listen to you.” “Huh?” “I’ll listen to whatever you say. Can we live together then?” The servant who came into my easy life. I live a happy life with him. Sometimes he’s a kind servant, and other times, a dear friend…The problem is, I can’t seem to take my eyes off him when he smiles saucily and flirtatiously with those red eyes. …Is it because of my feelings?

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