A Cure for the Dark Heart
A Cure for the Dark Heart
By Chen Zhou Zui Yue
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Li Hengyuan was an internationally known “Medical Lunatic”. Having saved countless lives, he was eventually gunned down by someone he trusted the most. Fortunately, Li Hengyuan’s soul was reincarnated, and he found himself sitting in a sedan chair on the way to warding off the imminent death of His Highness, Lord Pinghe by marrying him. With fair skin, a good figure and long legs, Lord Pinghe had always been known as the most gorgeous man in the capital. However, he was also a vicious beauty. Not only that he had mastered all sorts of fascinating tricks of using poison, but he was also like a glutinous rice ball with sesame filling, looking soft, sickly and harmless to everyone, but under the meek surface there was a dark heart. Despite that, Li Hengyuan doted on him, and couldn’t have loved him or pampered him more. Until one day, the allegedly ailing beautiful Lord pressed Li Hengyuan against his bed. Li Hengyuan stared at him with astonishment: “Honey, what are you doing?” The gorgeous Lord ripped open Li Hengyuan’s clothes, and responded with actions. After finishing their intimacy, Li Hengyuan felt like weeping but failed to shed a tear. He had just been deflowered by the flower he had nurtured!!