I’ll End This Engagement
I’ll End This Engagement
By 酒煮核弹头
35 Chapters
8 Reviews
I suddenly possessed Leah Prezis, the fiancee of a second male lead and the vindictive evil woman resented by the readers. With the betrayal of the female protagonist and her fiance, I put my everything into changing the fate of Leah, the wicked woman. “I’m going to ask you to break our engagement. ” Finally, I asked for a breakup in order to escape from the barbaric death ending, and he said, “I can’t do that.” What? You can’t do that now? And I never thought I’d get hit in the back of my head right before I managed to escape from the terrible fate of Leah Prezis. “Why, do you want me to beg you not to leave, on my knees?” When I saw a certain man’s persistent smile, there was only one thought that came to my mind: No, you’re crazy!

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