I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead
I Was the Unrequited Love of the Male Lead
By Gloopta
44 Chapters
11 Reviews
“You can’t go anywhere. Not a single step away from me.” She decided to lay a flower path in front of her favorite book. However, the situation cannot be changed. For her favorite character to be happy, he must meet the original heroine and fall in love! So she tried her best to help the male lead and female lead to meet. Finally, when she tried to leave after fulfilling her responsibility, the male lead became dark. He pulled her arm roughly and the tip of each other’s noses was within reach. “Ariel, you know everything in this world.” “I only know part of it. I know it best!” “If you really knew the future of this world, you would have known at least that it was impossible for me to want another woman besides you.” Kyron’s eyes shone dangerously. “You belong to me.” The male lead was one step away from her.

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