Godly Talented Doctor
Godly Talented Doctor
By Yi Shou Zhe Tian
0 Chapters
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Mu Zhili, the third daughter of the Mu family of the Profound Sky Continent, had a prominent background, but she was known for her ugly appearance and worthlessness. When she died, a medical genius was reborn in her body, she became capable of curing all diseases with silver needles. However, her family poisoned her and hindered her great potential. If no one else was going to help her, she would do it for herself. Her rule was to keep it humble. Her hobby was to pretend to be a pig and then eat a tiger. In a contemptuous and evil world, she would return as the king and show her strength. Profound Sky Continent, letโ€™s see the one who was so medically talented that people call her goddess!

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