As The Villain, Isn’t It Fair To Extort The Heroine?
As The Villain, Isn’t It Fair To Extort The Heroine?
By 酒煮核弹头
5 Chapters
0 Reviews
Jiang Che transmigrated into the novel world. At the start of the plot, the Iceberg CEO was lying on the bedsheets. Jiang Che could not be happy because he was cannon fodder and couldn’t survive 3 chapters of the novel. Moreover, at this time the protagonist must already be on his way… Forutnately, at this critical juncture, he awakened the God-level Extortion system. He would be rewarded as long as he extorted the plot characters. So… When Jiang Che saw the unconscious and ice-cold CEO, he had a very sinister thought in his mind. “President Su, you don’t want others to know about this, do you?” “Please behave yourself if you do not want your pictures to leak out.” Inside the hotel room, Jiang Che looked at the noble and elegant Miss Lin. “Madam Lin, you also don’t want all your efforts to be wasted if the Patriarch Lin learns about your plan you’ve planned for ten years, right?” “Madam, you should resign yourself to your fate rather than make a pointless struggle.”

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