An Arranged Marriage with an Enemy
An Arranged Marriage with an Enemy
By Myongcho
47 Chapters
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Kaon Ferdinand, the second son of a historic family of knights, was betrothed to Alessia Ingelos, the daughter of a family of mages who had been their enemy for generations. “You never know, right? Perhaps the lady will be beautiful enough for you to fall in love at first sight.” “With an Ingelos? Me? That’s ridiculous.” He had snorted in derision at the time, but when he finally met her… It turned out that Alessia was perfectly, exactly his type. “It’s a bit late to do this, but would you like to dance with me?” “It would be my honor.” Contrary to his initial plans of treating her coldly, Kaon’s heart began to open. “Are you really not a mage? Did you deceive me… no, all of us?” Everything was false. In addition, he had even revealed his own secret to gain hers. “Please take care of me in the future, Kaon…” An uncomfortable cohabitation with his two-faced first love has begun!