After Being Abducted and Raised by A Snake
After Being Abducted and Raised by A Snake
By 酒煮核弹头
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After a shipwreck, Wan Zhong accidentally fell into the sea and ended up on a deserted island in a foreign place. He gazed at the dense, towering forest, feeling helpless and desperate. “Let’s hope there’s no snake,” he exclaimed. As soon as he spoke, a large black snake silently approached from behind, its scarlet, slender tongue flickering as it l**ked the corners of its lips. The snake wrapped its wet, slippery tail around his waist. He was terrified of snakes. Wan Zhong thought, ‘I’ll faint first and then talk later(╥﹏╥)’ The black snake’s vertical pupils narrowed slightly: “This human is so beautiful; I wonder if he’s good at hatching eggs?”

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