Accidentally Having a Baby with the Enemy Prince
Accidentally Having a Baby with the Enemy Prince
By 酒煮核弹头
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The Jiang and the Sui Empires are sworn enemies. Both sides have been fighting back and forth for decades, each trying to press the other to death by the Yellow River. In order to achieve this goal, the Sui Empire dispatched the Lone Star, Crown Prince Sui Heng, who’s known for his cold-blooded killing methods, straight to attack the capital city of Jiang. The Jiang Empire has sent their Crown Prince Jiang Yun, whose reputation for virtue has spread throughout the world and who has recruited countless famous scholars, to lead his trusted aides to secretly infiltrate the enemy’s rear and interfere with their plans. Both sides were very pleased with their results. It turned out there was a little accident when they retreated. Jiang Yun was assassinated by his subordinates, rolled down the cliff, and picked up by Sui Heng, who was also schemed by others. In order to cure the poison, the two were forced to have s*x…… Afterwards, looking at that snow-white and stunning face, Sui Heng, who had always rejected having s*xual interc**rse with men and women had difficulty controlling his pounding heart. He took this little beauty that he accidentally picked up back and raise him as a mistress in a separate courtyard. Jiang Yun thought that it was impossible to escape, so he played along and pretended to have amnesia. While dutifully serving the Great Lone Star as a Mistress, he spied on the enemy’s information. As a result, he hasn’t spied out much information yet, but his belly is getting bigger day by day. Jiang Yun: Ah, ah, ah, may I ask if it’s still possible to run away now? ** His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, whom the Jiang Empire has been looking forward to day and night, has finally returned to his home country. Not only did he come back, but he also brought a little oil bottle along as well. No one knows who the child’s father is, and no one dares to ask either. Only Jiang Yun saw him as a beautiful little bunny who’s capable of finishing three bowls of rice per meal and is a little brat that was born with divine power. He is worried to death. The child looks too much like his father, what should I do? Is it still possible to strangle him to death now? The child who’s capable of eating: Shivering ** Upon learning that his favorite concubine may have fled to the Jiang Empire, Sui Heng was furious and once again joined forces with other kingdoms to attack the Jiang Empire. The one who came to meet him head-on was the mysterious Crown Prince of the Jiang Empire, whose reputation was famous all over the world and who was known as the world’s first beauty. Sui Heng sneered and ordered: Those who can take Jiang Yun’s head later will be rewarded with ten thousand gold and granted the title of Marquis of Ten Thousand Houses. The two sides armies were at war, and they saw a youth in a green shirt and jade belt appear gracefully in front of the formation, with a nine-point resemblance to the fleeing Mistress. Sui Heng was confused and shouted, “Anyone who dares to shoot an arrow, Gu will take your dog’s life!” The Sui Kingdom’s soldiers: ?

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