Abused Female Lead
Abused Female Lead
By Xuāncǎo Yāohuā
10 Chapters
9 Reviews
Wang Jingjing, an unknown little author one day was murdered and the police called it su*cide!!! As if this wasn’t enough, she transmigrated into a novel as a Female Lead. The issue here was that she transmigrated into a novel she had written; Abuse novel in which her husband was sick, psycho possessive Male lead who loved another woman and she was only a stand in. They wanted her kidneys. As the original author, she vowed that she must change the plot! She must turn the abuse into a little sweet article! She wants to change the male lead! Kick the female partner! Engage in a counterattack! But why was it so hard? She regretted writing it! She regretted making the Female Lead powerless! She regretted not giving a second male lead to the Female lead who could come like a knight in shining armor to save her! Who would save her now?

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