Unrivaled in Another World with Erotic Skills (LN)
Unrivaled in Another World with Erotic Skills (LN)
By Masanan
0 Chapters
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I found an RPG while netsurfing by chance; it was a nostalgic character creation system with a bonus point mechanism. Among numerous skills, I stumbled upon a skill named “Fellatio,” Based on that, I decided to continue playing the game. However, it wasn’t just an ordinary game. After losing consciousness, I found myself summoned to a kingdom in another world as a hero through a magic circle. There, I got punched by a female high school student who was also summoned as a hero, referred to as “uncle” by a middle school hero, and as I battled the reality of mass-produced heroes, I honed my erot*c skills. erot*c prowess is here to save the world!

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