Ad**t Superstore
Ad**t Superstore
By Mójūn Shìròu
11 Chapters
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Yufei who freshly graduated from university landed a job as an express delivery worker. For convenience, he moved to a place near his company — next door to an adult shop. The boss, Hujin, is a person with great business sense, customers who spend 888 yuan can be escorted by the boss to a small room upstairs to be “personally educated” on how to use their purchase. Yufei who lived next door looked down at his little brother that had yet to calm down and could only bitterly endure in silence. Until one day, he worked up the guts to go to the store and spend… Since then, he has shamelessly passed blissful days with Boss Hujin. Others: This boss really knows how to play… note: Hujin (虎今) has the character for “tiger” in his name.