A Forum for Patients of Fourth Hospital
A Forum for Patients of Fourth Hospital
By 酒煮核弹头
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Yu Xiao, a terminal stage cancer patient with an incurable condition, had reached a point where she had accepted her fate. Living each day with indifference, she had already made peace with the idea of departing from this world. One day, her phone automatically downloaded an app called ‘Four Hospital Patients’ Discussion Forum’. “Four Hospital? Isn’t that the local psychiatric hospital?” Curious, she tapped into the app. The top post read: 【Guide for the Morgue】 Yu Xiao:??? Second post: 【Cataloguing the Ghosts I’ve Encountered Over the Years】 Yu Xiao: No wonder it’s a forum from a psychiatric hospital. 【Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Sealing Master!】 This one seems quite intriguing! ———— That night, terror descended, and the hospital was engulfed in a crimson hue. Unnameable horrors lurked outside the wards, murmuring by the rooms, “Let’s see who’s been naughty now?” ———— During rounds that night, the inspection ghost lifted Yu Xiao’s blanket and stumbled upon the talismans by her pillow. The ghost was amazed to find high-level symbols. The inspection ghost cried, “Why would advanced seals appear at a beginner’s level?!”