A Contemptuous Beauty
A Contemptuous Beauty
By Cui Luo Shi
5 Chapters
4 Reviews
Perhaps love is like a beauty. *** Cheng Yan is a talented but unsuccessful actor who has been in the entertainment industry for ten years. Because he always kept himself clean, refusing to accept the “unspoken rules”, he doesn’t have his company’s backing. He is almost 30 years old, but due to a music video from his early years, he catches the eye of a wealthy businessman, Xia Shaoqian, who is seeking the feeling of a “first love”. Under his company’s pressure, and unwilling to accept that his career is going nowhere, Cheng Yan finally becomes a kept man. This is a story about pain, ambition, and desire… but also a tender and unexpected romance. *** A Contemptuous Beauty is the name of a song set in the novel. The beauty refers to neither the shou nor the gong.