The Circumstances of Being Chosen as the Villainess’s Favorite
The Circumstances of Being Chosen as the Villainess’s Favorite
By Rana
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I possessed a supporting female lead who played the role of the villainess’s lady-in-waiting. Instead of the female lead, I get scolded and slapped by the villainess, and there was even a situation where my fiancé who is so in love with the female lead cleans her feet. I can’t take it anymore! Rather than continuing on the female lead’s route, I will transform into the world’s richest and most powerful villainess! “What’s ever so wrong with our Lady? You’re much better than Seraphina!” “I only need our Lady!” With that feeling in mind, I was only being a little nice to the villainess. “I’m only taking care of you because I will be bored at the party as I will be attending it alone.” “A-ahh, I’m not giving it to you because you like it, all right? I’m only giving it to you because it’s rolling around in a drawer!” Be it jewelry, dresses, and of course shoes as well, she even hands over her family documents to me? And furthermore. “Lari, if you marry my brother, we can become a family. Right?” But that brother of hers is a man who only has his eyes on the female lead, right? I thought he was someone who would never like someone like me, so I tried to ignore it. “What makes you think I have no interest in Lady at all?” “……Yes?” “A lot, I’m interested a lot.” Why is the male lead smiling so sweetly at me without any stopping?! #A female lead who flirts with everything without realizing it #A confident female lead #A capable female lead #sly 1 #Tsundere princess #I’ll give you my brother, let’s live together #sly 2 #Brother who takes care of his little sister #I’ll be good to you, let’s live together

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