Mad Emperor’s Pet Sister
Mad Emperor’s Pet Sister
By FBI경고
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I became possessed in a R19 novel. My brother is the mad Emperor of Aragon and I am the villainess and his half sister who is also a supporting character, Isabella Belucci. I thought I’d go back to the original world if I died, so I decided to go out of my way to rebel and get executed by Richard’s hands. But… “Why? Why did I not go back?!” Instead, let’s change the goal this time and safely make Richard the emperor. Then, my path will be a happy ending! …With that thought, I stole the heroine’s route. “Does Sasha really think she’s my sister?” Why does the male lead claim I’m not his sister? “Sasha is like a snowflake.” Is the second male lead also clinging to me? The novel seems to began recognizing me as the heroine.

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