After Betraying the General, I (Imperial) Found Myself Pregnant
After Betraying the General, I (Imperial) Found Myself Pregnant
By 酒煮核弹头
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After his Empress Mother was deposed, she passed away, and his maternal Uncle made one mistake after another. Lu Mingyu had always kept a low profile, counting down the days to when he could go to his fiefdom, wishing to stay away from the Capital. However, his cautious behavior only earned him disrespect and humiliation, even to the point where he was sent to someone else’s bed with a drugged cup of wine. After that night, when Lu Mingyu met the interested gaze of General Fuyuan, Yan Yunge, many years of sadness and hatred welled up inside his heart. At that moment, Lu Mingyu finally realized that the consequence of not competing was to become a pawn in others’ hands. So, he had to fight. After several years of feigning courtesy and conformity, he was steadfastly determined to take revenge. Then, the young Princes failed one by one, while the Emperor’s eldest son, whom none of the Ministers had ever taken seriously, finally ascended the throne. After taking power, Lu Mingyu was determined to remove the General from his position. After making the General drink a cup of poisoned wine, the Emperor thought back to the few good moments they shared in the past, and regret filled his heart as he realized the consequences of his actions. However, the Emperor soon heard the news that the General hadn’t died, but had lost his memory instead. Before Lu Mingyu could decide how to deal with the situation, he felt an unusual movement inside his belly…..