Addicted to F*cking Her
Addicted to F*cking Her
By 酒煮核弹头
19 Chapters
6 Reviews
Bai Xiaoxiao, who had been in a sexless marriage for a year, decided to divorce after her first love returned to China. After the divorce agreement was handed over to Fu Xi, Fu Xi, who hadn’t crossed the line for a year, and hadn’t even held hands with her, suddenly pressed her onto the bed going out of control, and f*cked her hard. She never thought about it. However, life is dull and boring, and the serious Fu Xi seems to be a different person on the bed. f*cking her is addictive, and he doesn’t care about anything else. After work, once he takes off his suit, he f*cks her first. Divorce can’t even be mentioned. If I mention it even once, I’m sure I’ll never get out of bed the next day. And she gradually fell in love with the feeling of wet and soft legs every day…

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