Accidentally Become the Belief of the Whole World
Accidentally Become the Belief of the Whole World
By 酒煮核弹头
192 Chapters
7 Reviews
In every world, there is always a vicious cannon fodder. They are arrogant, spoiled, gloomy, sickly, and they are stepping stones for the protagonists, catalysts for their feelings, and they end up miserably, making the protagonists’ lives perfect. And Shi Jingge became such a vicious cannon fodder. In the entertainment world, he is a spoiled and lustful young master who flirts with everyone; In the cultivation world, he is a ruthless and greedy senior brother who kills and robs others; In the western fantasy world, he is a hypocritical and cruel holy son who abuses spirit beasts; But after Shi Jingge crossed over, people were surprised to find that he was not what they imagined— The young master was actually pure and cute, and he protected one talented idol after another! The taciturn senior brother secretly returned one magic weapon after another, each one a treasure! The holy son guarded the whole continent alone in the dark, wounded every day but silent, he should be the faith of the whole continent! Shi Jingge: You may not believe me if I tell you. Shi Jingge: At the very beginning, I just didn’t want to die so miserably. But in this world, who would dare to hurt him? He is light, he is faith, he is the only one.

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