The Villainess Hides Her Wealth
The Villainess Hides Her Wealth
By Jin Se Ha
16 Chapters
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I became the villainous older sister of the heroine, who was jealous of her and fell in power. But after doing evil deeds, knowing this world was inside a novel, ‘Is it worth hanging on to these people?’ My father, who only wants understanding and sympathy from me, my older brother, who only sides with our illegitimate sister, and the male characters, who are on edge whenever they see me; they’re all tiresome. It’s time to hide my money… for complete independence! *** “Did you hear that? The Imperial Newspaper of Economic Affairs recently updated the list of “10 businessmen who control the Empire”, and…! “Lady Primrose is in first place!” “Dear heavens, how rich must the Lady be then?” One day, my business, which I had been hiding due to fear of it being harmed by my image as a villainess, was revealed. But the people’s reactions were strange. “A family relationship can’t be broken even if you don’t like it.” “I don’t know either. Why I came to you instead of Lilika.” “Is it hard to give me just one chance?” It was ridiculous that the love I had hoped for only came true after giving up. Besides, the way they believed that I would be willing to hold their hands was nothing short of arrogant to the end. “Get out of my way.” I answered with a big smile to the men who were applying for a dance partner.

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