Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds
By 酒煮核弹头
8 Chapters
0 Reviews
The love-hate relationship of a killer female teacher and an iron-willed, upright criminal policewoman. Starting from junior high school, Jiang Qinglan finally had light in her life. To support herself and her useless, wastrel father, Jiang Qinglan had to start working as a prostitute at the age of 13, doing unspeakable things. Verbal and physical abuse, going to school with a battered face, were only a matter of course. Before Xue Yunxin appeared, Jiang Qinglan had never known what others called “love.” She gave her manhua to read, took her out for fun, and gave her food. They did everything friends and family were supposed to do. Xue Yunxin was the light in Jiang Qinglan’s heart. “Yunxin, will you leave me?” “No! I’ll always be with you!” After growing up, when thinking of these words, Jiang Qinglan only felt ridiculous. Liar! And Xue Yunxin, who’d already become a criminal policewoman, had never expected that her reunion with Jiang Qinglan would be at the arrangement of a mu*derer. She’d also never expected that, one day, she would stand in opposition to her own lover.

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