Ascending the Five Tower
Ascending the Five Tower
By Haru Yoyori
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In a realm forged by divine hands, the “Five Towers” materialized upon an island, their origins a creation of the gods themselves. The age-old legend foretells that any valiant soul who conquers these mystical towers shall have their deepest wish granted, but lurking in their path are formidable monsters of untold ferocity. The journey is perilous, for the trials are nigh insurmountable, demanding the challengers gather both equipment and magic wrestled from vanquished monsters, a process of relentless empowerment. It has been two centuries since the towers first rose from the earth, standing as unconquered bastions of otherworldly might. In the middle of this, a lone hero named Ash Brave emerges as a fresh challenger, unyielding in his quest to face the towers’ unbroken sovereignty.

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