1608 - Big Brother, I Like You

Translated by XephiZ
Edited by Aelryinth
For some reason, Khafre’s army of undead had not been as aggressive for the past few days. The panic in Cairo City soon dissipated too, restoring order to the city.
The city was safe. The shops remained open. The people that were fearless enough to come out of their houses continued to enjoy their peaceful and luxurious life.
Mo Fan could feel the difference after spending so long in the Pyramid, mostly because he was constantly under pressure from the endless fights in the Mummy Chambers. He was tense and on alert, even after he came back to the city.
He could not help it. It would take some time for a person to leave the past behind after staying in an environment like that for so long. In order to recover as quickly as possible, Mo Fan tried his best to live a normal life by going to bed, shopping, and talking to others. He insisted on not cultivating or using his magic for the time being.
He had to return his life back to normal. Otherwise, he might go crazy. The others were facing the same problem, too.
“Big brother!”
Mo Fan saw Apas waiting for him downstairs. She was wearing a black dress with a ribbon around her waist. Her face lit up when she saw Mo Fan, as if the sunlight was shining upon her heart after the clouds drifted away.
Apas looked gorgeous in the black dress, as it set off her pale skin. In addition to that, she seemed more alluring than usual, perhaps because she was wearing black. Mo Fan was almost drooling at the sight!
As a matter of fact, a few men around Apas were on the verge of making their moves. Apas’ sacred yet alluring temperament was just too attractive!
Mo Fan could not stand it. He was considering transforming into a beast!
As Mo Fan sniffed the pleasant aroma of delicacies and listened to the conversation of the people as he walked past the tall buildings down the street, he strongly believed he should really stop courting death in the future after realizing how wonderful his life could be.
He had spent the whole afternoon hanging around in the city with Apas. At night, Apas expressed her interest in learning magic. Mo Fan brought her to a training ground, seeing how passionate she was.
The training ground was as big as a soccer field, and rented by the minute. It was rather expensive, but considering how thrilling it would be to spend some time alone with the girl, it was definitely worth the money!
“Have you done your Awakening?” Mo Fan asked.
“Huh? What’s the Awakening?” Apas asked.
Mo Fan rubbed his head. It seemed like Apas did not learn anything about magic, just like him when he first came to this world. “Come here, I’ll see what Elements you can Awaken first.”
As a matter of fact, if they had enough Awakening Stones, everyone had the chance to become a Mage. Unfortunately, the supply of Awakening Stones was very limited.
It was not difficult for Apas to become a Mage. She just needed to secure herself a spot at the Magic Association by paying some money and buying an Awakening Stone.
However, Mo Fan could inspect Apas’ body to see what Elements suited her best. Every human had different body compositions, either because of genetics or the environment they lived in. There were other factors that would decide the Elements that a person could Awaken, too.
The initial Awakening was very important, since it was closely related to a person’s Innate Talent.
Mo Fan was checking Apas not only to find out the Elements that were suitable for her, but to find out if she had the chance of obtaining an Innate Talent, too!
Mo Fan placed his hand on Apas’ forehead and slowly directed his Will into her. He was searching for any sign of energy. A Mage with great potential would have some level of energy in their body…
“Basically, a small portion of people have some special potential that can be discovered with this method. It means the person will also Awaken their Innate Talent during the first Awakening,” Mo Fan explained while inspecting her.
Apas seemed a little nervous, but she was listening carefully to Mo Fan’s explanation. She was staring at Mo Fan.
“Huh? There’s something special about you,” Mo Fan suddenly put on a stern face.
The odds that Mo Fan was referring to were extremely small. Not every person in the world was a genius with an impressive Innate Talent like him. He was simply giving it a try, but to his surprise, he did detect a faint energy inside Apas’ body!
A human body was extremely weak prior to their Awakening, thus the energy in their body was almost negligible. However, even though the energy might be weak in Mo Fan’s eyes, it was the sign of an incredible potential for a girl whose magic was not Awakened!
“How is it?” Apas had an anticipatory look as she kept staring at Mo Fan.
“You do have some hidden potential. It means you might acquire an Innate Talent after the Awakening, but it doesn’t seem too stable,” Mo Fan said.
“Really?” Apas blushed with joy. She went closer to Mo Fan and kissed him on the cheek.
Apas did not think too much about it, but Mo Fan flushed immediately. Was it really fine for him to recruit the girl as his disciple?
“A Mage’s power comes from their soul. The Awakening is basically triggering the power of a person’s soul. How about this: I’ll place a soul imprint on you to stabilize the special potential in your body. That way, you will surely acquire an Innate Talent after the Awakening,” Mo Fan said.
“Will that work?” Apas blurted out happily.
“Yes, it is, but you have to accept it willingly, so it will slowly merge with your soul,” Mo Fan informed her.
“Mm, alright!” Apas smiled. She was very passionate about learning magic.
“Here we go,” Mo Fan placed his hand on Apas’ forehead again. A lunar-white light slowly emerged from him.
Mo Fan gathered the energy into his left hand, slowly forming a Star Pattern on his palm. The Star Pattern left an imprint on Apas’ forehead when it was completed.
A lunar-white glow covered the two people at the center of the spacious training ground. It highlighted both Mo Fan’s firm figure and Apas’ alluring body.
“Big brother, I like you,” Apas declared. It was loud and clear in the quiet training ground.
“Mm, I know,” Mo Fan responded indifferently.
“So I’m not angry when you’re lying to me…” Apas slowly lifted her gaze. There was a harmless smile on her beautiful face, “But why would you want to enslave my soul?”
The smile on Apas’ face gradually lost its warmth as she finished the sentence!